JibberJobber Certification for Coaches: Schedule

I have hesitated putting this in a post because all of this seems so simple to me… I could do this in my sleep.  In fact, I have done this in my sleep, many times, over the last nine years 🙂

Get more info on the JibberJobber certification program here.

Anyway, here’s what you can expect over the next six weeks, if you are in the JibberJobber Certification program:

Week 1: What is JibberJobber, history of, competitors, general features, why people would or should use it, who it is for… overview of the 6 weeks, and a bit of housekeeping (how to access the recordings). I might add more stuff, but I want to make sure we go deep each week.

Week 2: How To add contacts, companies and jobs.  Focus on “getting data into the system”

Week 3: Log Entries and Action Items (the glue and perhaps the central point of JibberJobber)

Week 4: Email2Log – how to set up, the basics, forwarding to the server (and not a recipient), advanced features

Week 5: Getting Data Out: List Panels, exporting data, getting email reminders for action items, reports

Week 6: Kitchen Sink (other stuff), including the coach landing page, video library, expense report (maybe), the Job Journal, Interview Prep…

I’ve modeled this after the certification course I did for The Academies, on LinkedIn, which I designed and taught for a few cycles.  The idea of this certification is to go deeper… so where I might spend an hour and go lightly into each of the topics above, by the end of each class you’ll have a much greater understanding of the what-and-how of that particular class.

I want career professionals to get to a certain level of proficiency (a) specifically with JibberJobber, and (b) generally with organizational software for job seekers.  Whether you like JibberJobber at the end of the session, or you really dislike it, you’ll have a solid idea of what and how job seekers could organize their job search, and have a follow-up system that helps someone who’s in an intense networking mode.  I want to contribute to the prevention of career professionals handing out totally outdated paper-based tracking forms… this still happens.

If you want to be one of the first JibberJobber certified career professionals, pay here.  We’re offering $300 off the price, bringing it down to $97.  The first session is on Tuesday, January 13, 2015.  The classes are recorded, so you can access them later.

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