JibberJobber Certification for Coaches (and other career professionals)

On Tuesday I’m starting a six week program for career professionals to get certified on JibberJobber.  I’ve priced this at $397, and discounted it to $97 for now.

Here’s an email that I sent out a week ago to my LinkedIn Group:

The certification classes will be recorded in case you can’t come. You’ll have access to the recordings through our video library.

Live classes are on Tuesday mornings, at 10am Mountain Time (9am PST, 11am CST, noon EST), for one hour.

There will be six live classes to specifically help you master JibberJobber, and better understand job search organization and tracking. Classes start on Tuesday January 12 and finish February 17. You will have until the end of February to finish the certification tests.

JibberJobber Certified Career Professionals should gain a better grasp of technology in general, and a more acute understanding of technology that job seekers (and professionals) need. This should increase the value that you bring to your clients.

Career Directors International will give you one CEU credit for every hour of learning (you should get six credits by the time the course is done).

Will you be a part of the first group of JibberJobber certified career professionals? Take advantage of the pricing, currently discounted to only $97 (from $397). Here’s where you sign up: https://www.jibberjobber.com/pay.php?amount=97

Questions? Let me know… Jason@JibberJobber.com

Here’s a message I put on my LinkedIn Group a few weeks ago… and part of why I really want to see coaches and career professionals certified. In case you work at a career center, and think I’m talking about you, I am not. The person that did this back in 2006 is retired.

In 2006 I went to a university career center that was only about 40 minute from my house. My hope was to talk to as many career professionals as I could, and I was excited to talk to the director of the career center at this large university.

As I walked to the career center office I passed dozens of students, all on laptops and other devices. No one was talking to each other… they were all consumed by technology.

After a long wait in the waiting room, the director finally met with me. He first balked at the ridiculous name “JibberJobber,” saying that he couldn’t recommend something with a name that didn’t make any sense. He then asked why would anyone want to use a website to organize and track a job search… he has been, and would continue to recommend just buying 4×6 cards and stay organized with those.

I couldn’t believe it. This director, who was probably not far away from retirement, would tell all of those kids, who were glued to technology, to manage a complex process with a loose paper system?

I continue to see this today – career professionals who recommend a printout form, or a spreadsheet, when there are better, high-tech, sophisticated, long-lasting and long-term solutions like JibberJobber.

I can only imagine student after student eye-rolling at this director’s advice. Giving outdated or unsound advice will discredit everything else you say. You’ll have earned your reputation of being outdated, out of touch, etc.

If you aren’t using JibberJobber, or if you don’t really know what it does, let’s make 2015 the time to crack this nut. Get on my user orientation webinars (JibberJobber.com/webinar), and let’s take control of our career management.

If you are a career professional (counselor, coach, resume writer, etc) check out the JibberJobber Certification. This will help you understand what your clients are dealing with, and how you can help them, and not risk having the same reputation that career center director had created for himself:https://blog.jibberjobber.com/2014/11/24/new-certified-jibberjobber-coach

Would love to have you join us 🙂

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