Introducing The First JibberJobber Certified Career Coaches

Last week we ended six-weeks of courses for the JibberJobber Career Professional Certification.  This was six weeks of training in the breadth and depth of JibberJobber, which will be immensely helpful as these coaches help their clients get more value out of relationship management and follow-up tools.  What job seeker doesn’t need relationship management and follow-up help?

Note: If you are a career professional, and want to do the certification, the price is still discounted from $397 to only $97. Sign up here, or learn more here.

And now, introducing the first four coaches who have turned in and passed their exam, and are JibberJobber Certified Career Coaches!  In alphabetical order… I’m including where they are, but they take clients from all over the world:

Shahrzad Arasteh: Career Consulting Services (Maryland)

Jennifer Bradley: JBradley & Associates (California)

Robyn Feldberg: Abundant Success Career Services (Texas)

Kelly McClelland: Transition Time Coach (Florida)

I have known each of these people for years, some of which I’ve met in person, others I’ve listened to speak, and all of them I’ve followed their blog posts or other articles.  They have big hearts, which is a trait most career professionals posses, and they are all very passionate and purposeful in what they have chosen to do.

Congratulations to each of these career professionals, and I hope that this training and certification will help you help many people!


5 thoughts on “Introducing The First JibberJobber Certified Career Coaches”

  1. Thanks, Jason, for an informative and valuable training course. Looking forward to helping my clients organize their job search, strengthen their relationships, and better manage their careers! Congratulations to my fellow JiberrJobber certified professionals, Shahrzad, Jennifer, Kelly, and the others who will be earning this credential soon.

  2. I’ve been aware of some of the bells & whistles which were obvious within JibberJobber, but had not made time to really get into being more than a lurker. This course changed that! FAST!

    Now I am convinced that this can be a big help to my job changing clients and a way for me to monitor and measure what they are doing. That will make my coaching more focused and productive.

    JibberJobber is a HUGE advantage for building one’s network. It is a lean and simple tool with so much utility and flexibility. Being able to pull up information, monitor “touches” with clients and friends means more effective and longer-lasting relationships.

    I’ve seen the devotion, excellence and passion for serving customers that Jason and his team have. I know that JibberJobber will continue to improve and advance the art of relationship building tools! Glad to have made the time to get in the flow!

  3. Thanks so much, Jason! It was great to learn even more about JibberJobber and how my clients, colleagues, and I can use it. As you know, I refer to it as a life management tool, not only a career management tool.

    Robyn, thanks for your kind words and congratulations to you as well; so nice to see you here! Congrats to all fellow certified career pros!

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