Organize Your Job Search (what does that mean?)

Today I had an interesting chat with Liz, who many of you know.  She was hired to do quality assurance, and has morphed into the role of project manager, business analyst, right hand to me, etc.  Our chat actually is a result of a question that I sent to her last week. I proposed:

Liz, does JibberJobber really help a job seeker organize their job search?

I asked this question because:

(a) I think it is healthy to evaluate and re-evaluate your offering (that is true for job seekers, too!  What is your offering? Is it relevant?).

(b) I think it’s important that my entire team asks questions like this about our products, and I wanted her to think about it.

(c) I have been thinking lately that we are missing the mark on certain value offerings. In other words, I think the answer to the question is: perhaps we are doing an okay job, but we are not doing an excellent job.

When we chatted about this last week she asked for a few days to gather her thoughts.  Today at noon we met and I was blown away (elated) with her ideas.  She had five proposals that would greatly enhance the value and experience for job seekers.  Doing any of the five will bring JibberJobber to the next level.  Doing all of the five will help us be the leader in this space.

We are going to do all of the five. I’m not going to post them here because my competitors like to read my blog, and I’d rather strengthen JibberJobber before I give them my development plan, but I wanted to let you know that we are very much interested in improving the system, and staying ahead of the curve, and offering significant value, and we are investing in all of those things.

If you want to send us suggestions, while we are going to the drawing board for certain process redesigns, let us know with the Contact Us form.

And thanks for joining us on this journey!