Favorite Friday: Email Spam, Digital Nuisance

I’ll never forget this post (okay, I forgot about it, kind of, but was reminded when I wrote Wednesday’s post).

Resolve To Not Be A Digital Nuisance In 2008

I listed 8 things to do that will make me want to hit DELETE!  They include (explanations on that post):

  1. Don’t solely message people through non-e-mail methods.
  2. Don’t send me big file attachments.
  3. Don’t invite me to anymore social networks.
  4. When you invite me to LinkedIn, don’t send me three paragraphs about the value of LinkedIn.
  5. Don’t put me in the cc field and then address me in the e-mail.
  6. Refrain, when possible, from “me too” e-mails.
  7. Don’t be a jerk. I have a few personal examples from 2007 when I crossed the line and was a jerk.
  8. Don’t be a genius.

I am not perfect, but I have my pet peeves.  You may disagree (read the whole post for the back stories), and that’s fine.

My goal in writing that post in 2008 was to help you write better, more effective communications.

Want to see my video series on some of this? Check out Effective Email Communication – it’s pretty cool stuff!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Friday: Email Spam, Digital Nuisance”

  1. Excellent post. But why stop at 8? One that I would add is: Use ‘Reply All’ sparingly. Replying with a ‘Thank you’ is a nice gesture, but it doesn’t need to be public spectical.

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