Speaking to Job Seekers: My Upcoming Trips

I’m planning a few more trips – are you in or near any of these?  If you are, come out!  If you aren’t, let your contacts who might be to come out 🙂

Las Vegas – April 6, 7, 8

I am going to a career conference but I’m not speaking anywhere … was looking for a weekly job club but apparently they don’t have them in Vegas.  Weird, methinks!  Still open to something, though (I have one phone call pending).

Los Angeles – April 11 – 15

Tuesday: Speaking at a private career center conference

Wednesday: Speaking at a private alumni group

Thursday: Speaking at an OPEN meeting that you can come to (free): Career BridgeBuilders.  Career Management 2.0. Register here and let your buddies know about it.  AFAIK they have capacity for 300 people. Location: American Martyrs Church; Blessed Katari Room; 624 15th Street; Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Wednesday 4/27 Webinar: LinkedIn for Executives (Beyond the Basics) for Netshare. Register here.

Charlotte/Raleigh, North Carolina – May 23 – 27

Speaking at Pronet Charlotte on Tuesday 5/24 (twice).

I hope to speak 10 times that week… if you know of any job search clubs, let me know. I have people putting out feelers right now… I’ll fly in on Sunday and fly home on Saturday (in and out of Raleigh).

San Antonio/Austin – June 27 – July 2

Yes, I picked the hot time to go to Texas.  I’ll be at a conference in San Antonio Thursday through Saturday, and fly home Saturday night.

I’m looking for job clubs to speak at in the area (within a 2 hour drive from San Antonio) Monday through Thursday.

Silicon Valley / East Bay – September 5 – 9

I’ve been invited to keynote at a very special organization as they celebrate an anniversary, and expect to speak about 10 times this week.  Open to invitations.

Portland (MAINE!) and Boston – September 18 – September 24

I’m going to a conference in Portland, Maine and will get there a few days early so I can speak in Boston… maybe 10 times?  Open to invitations!

Savannah, GA – October 20 – 22

Headed to another conference… are there any places to speak around here?  Maybe Jacksonville (2.5 hours away)?

So far that’s my announceable travel for the year…

Places I know I want to go this year: Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Albequerque, Minneapolis…

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  1. @Anjuli – thank you – I appreciate any email introductions.

    @Shane – I’m there – one of my fav places to speak. I can get there reasonably inexpensive… any suggestions on a good week to speak?

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