Job Search Health: Delicious Green Smoothies with 2 Cups of Water

Job search health is critical. And, my wife will fall out of her chair when she reads this (because she thinks I’m all about donuts and cake).

I know I had strong feelings about VP Biden’s remarks to job seekers to be healthy, and it might seem like I’m back peddling on that a bit.

In fact, I’m not against health for job seekers. I’ve blogged about job search health, or, being healthy in the job search, before.

My brother said the thing he misses most about being unemployed is the time he had to exercise. It seems that we are too busy, when we have a job, to exercise and eat healthy. Focusing on health is not something that comes easy when you are super busy and employed… focusing on your health during a job search seems easier.

I’m becoming more aware of my health, especially as I get older. Unfortunately, I feel MUCH older than I really am.

Last week while on the east coast I was really missing one of my eating habits: a daily green smoothie. I missed it, and I talked about it to people I talked with. I wanted to share more information about green smoothies with you, since it is a big part of entrepreneur and job search health.

job search health and green smoothies

My wife started doing green smoothies about a year ago, but I wasn’t ever a big fan.  It’s weird to drink something that looks like smashed up dark green lettuce and think you’ll like it, no matter how healthy it is for you. Heck, I’m the guy who usually skips the salad bowl in the buffet line. Why would I choose to make an entire meal of a salad beat up in a high-speed blender??

A few weeks ago I finally started making my own, though, every morning.  I love them.  They taste good.  They are FAST to make.  They are very inexpensive.  And they are way, way healthy.

Put all those together and I get a smile on my face (a smile, framed in green smoothie :)).

Green Smoothie Recipe for Job Search Health

Here’s an easy breakfast – filling, healthy, inexpensive — in a blender:

2 cups of water

Two handfuls of spinach (I get mine at Costco (super inexpensive) and then freeze it – so it helps have a SMOOTHIE feel)

Two handfuls of KALE (without the thick bottom stems)

Some frozen fruit from Costco (the bag costs $10 and it lasts a couple of weeks – whether it is strawberry, blueberry or mixed fruit – they are all good (bonus: if blueberry, the smoothie is more purple, for those who gag on the green color)).

Blend it up – we have a blendtec blender we got a sweet deal on, and it is the bomb.  A regular blender works fine, though.

You can add other stuff, like stevia (sweetener), almonds (protein), flax seeds (blend them before you add liquids), etc.

I’m hooked. My goal is to work my way up to three of these a day… along with other food, of course, but three a day should give me some great nutrition without all the junk in today’s “normal food” diet.

As an entrepreneur I feel like I’m in a job search just about every day. I have to go out and hustle, be on top of my game, look for new opportunities and network contacts, follow-up, talk to people, etc. You and I have to be on our game! Nutrition is a big part of job search health, as is exercise. Let’s be more intentional about the food we choose!

job search health doesn't come from pizza and coke

If you want more info on improving your job search health with green smoothies, check out Green Smoothie Girl’s website, or her videos on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Job Search Health: Delicious Green Smoothies with 2 Cups of Water”

  1. I have been doing smoothies for breakfast for years but I am sorry I cannot do the spinach/kale thing.

    Yogurt, orange/grapefruit, frozen organic fruit, flax seed, whey protein powder…..

    Yes, I miss this when I travel but at least it ain’t green!

  2. I’m late to this game, but I’m here to stay. It’s pretty cool.

    I was turned off by the GREEN, but the way we make it, it tastes like a fruit smoothie…

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