How To: Using Tags

Tags are COOL. Seriously cool.

Tags help me slice and dice my data. That simply means I can get a report/view on just certain records, like:

  • Show me all of my Contacts who I’ve tagged as “family.”
  • Or, show me all of my Contacts who I’ve tagged as “hiring manager,” or “newsletter.”

One that I’ve done is this:

  • “show me all of my Contacts I’ve tagged as “family,” and who have the last name of “Alba.”

Tags help me filter down and get a subset of my data.

How do you create a tag?

On the ADD or EDIT page (of Job, Company or Contact) simply type in any tag you want (1). If it is a tag you already created you can either type it again or you can select it from the drop down (2).


It’s that simple, and perhaps one of the most important things to do when you create a record.

The two main places to make use of tags are in the List Panel search:


… and the Get Contact List (here’s a video on how that works) (premium feature):


Are you using Tags? If not, use them!

(note: tags are similar to Labels on Gmail)