Can I Send Email From JibberJobber?

This is a frequent question we get.  The answer is yes and kind-of.

Note that JibberJobber is not your mail server, or your mail client, or a mailing list service provider.  We work with those tools to help you get mail sent out.

To send an email from a Contact Detail Page, click on the hyperlinked email address, like this:



  1. Click on My Account
  2. Click on the Preferences tab
  3. Check the checkbox that says Show Email as “one-click” links

Now you should see it as a hyperlink.

When you click the link, your browser pulls up your email client.  For some of you that is Outlook.  For others that is Gmail.  For others that is AOL, Yahoo, etc.  It depends on what you have set up.

If you haven’t set anything up (and you are on a Windows PC), you’ll have some weird email client come up… I close that box and go into my Gmail. Here’s a note from Liz on how to have Gmail set up as your browser’s default email client:

You can make Gmail your default email client by installing the Gmail Notifier. This means every time you click an email from your browser (in and out of JibberJobber), Gmail’s Compose window will open so you can start a new email.

Download and install the free Gmail notifier. Once installed, while in Windows (we don’t know on a Mac, sorry, we’re not smart enough :p), right-click the Notifier icon in your System Tray, and select ‘Options.’ Then check the box next to ‘Use Gmail for internet mailto: links’ and click ‘OK.’

Many, many JibberJobber users have a gmail address… I have no idea how to do this for AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Juno (seriously!), and others. You’ll have to search on that.  If you use Outlook it should already be setup correctly.

Okay, so that’s how you send an email from JibberJobber.  Make sure you have:

  1. The proper setting under My Accounts, Preferences, so you are showing the address as a link, and
  2. Your email client set up appropriately.

Note: once you set up the Preferences so an address shows up as a link, you’ll also be able to do this from the List Panel page, like this:


(If you don’t see the email column, click Manage Columns to add it.  Video instructions here)

That’s it.


Bonus 1: Multiple email addresses from the List Panel

To send one email to multiple contacts, go to the List Panel and click the checkboxes of all the contacts you want to send an email to (to see how to filter the List Panel results to just the contacts you want, check out this post).


Now that you have selected multiple records, click on the email icon at the bottom of the list panel:


The box that comes up has the email address, appropriate formated for your email client.  You can copy and paste those into your client, or click the cc or bcc links to have them autopopulate. PLEASE USE THE BCC BOX, since no one really likes to be included in a mass email and be able to see all the addresses (or, have others see their address).


That’s it!  Remember, that’s a premium feature.

Bonus : Exporting multiple addresses to a CSV, or other format

You can get a bunch of email addresses (with names, formated, ready to go, like above) another way… through the Get Contact List page.  If you are premium you’ll see it in the Network dropdown:


Go through the process you see on this post and choose the Get Email Address option:


You’ll get the same format as in Bonus 1.  If you want to interface with Constant Contact, simply choose the CSV file and now you can dump that CSV file to your Constant Contact account.

I know this is a long post… it’s a very long answer but I wanted to cover all the bases 🙂