Favorite Friday: Multiple Streams of Income

I LOVE the concept of having multiple revenue streams.  When I got laid off in January, 2010, I had 100% of my income disappear overnight.

I never, ever wanted to be in a position where one person (or worse, a committee) could take away 100% of my income.

Enter: Multiple Streams of Income.

One day I sat down and listed out all of my revenue streams – I was surprised to find I had 10 of them.

I wasn’t working all of them, but I was planning on working on them.  Others were producing a pretty good income. I decided to share what most of them were… I hope you get inspiration from my sharing this to figure out what your own multiple streams could be:

It’s not necessarily a path to sure wealth and jets and engines… I’m not talking about get rich quick or schemes or anything – it’s all about securing your own income and having more control because of a certain degree of diversity.

What about you?  Can you have multiple streams of income?

5 thoughts on “Favorite Friday: Multiple Streams of Income”

  1. I believe that if more job seekers would look at finding a job in this same way (Multiple job seeking strategy streams), they would be more successful. I know it helped me.

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