JibberJobber / Jason Alba Update

Hey all, I’ve been hitting big deadline after big deadline and missed the Favorite Friday last week and am putting the Monday Giveaway on hold this week.  Here’s what’s going on in my world:

  1. I’ll announce the winner of last week’s giveaway for the Twitter book in a day or three.  I just need to hear who the authors pick as the winner.
  2. I’m writing a new book for entrepreneurs. I hoped to finish editing about a month ago but another project got in the way (see #3).  I’m about 60% done with the first round of editing and then will send out at least 100 e-versions of the book for review and input.  The book is called Eight Lunches (real website will come later) – it is a series of dialog between two entrepreneurs about how to successfully run an entrepreneur’s business… it’s pretty cool!  Want to review it? Let me know.
  3. The LinkedIn DVD is almost done.  I actually burned a disk and sent it to the replicator (the manufacturer who makes a lot of “copies” (not technically copies… )) and there was a yellow-flag error. I could have moved forward and had the DVDs shipping TODAY, but made the decision that I don’t want any errors.  I now hope to have the DVD shipping within 10 days.
  4. The price on the DVD is going up from the discounted pre-order price.  It won’t be full price yet, but it is getting there.  This is the time to order.
  5. I’m headed to New Orleans for food, fun, friends and conference.  Actually, I’m pretty cheap while I’m on the road, so the food won’t be spectacular, but the friends will be!  This trip I’m doing two things different.  First, I’m not doing any non-conference presentations (ouch – normally I like to do about 10!).  Second, I’m spending all of Wednesday doing my first Habitat for Humanity project.  I have no idea what to expect but hope that I’ll learn a lot and get a lot done so a family can move into a home.
  6. I’ve been working with university career center managers to introduce a new product.  I’m very excited about it and my dev team has been working on it so we can introduce it soon.  This will have an impact on individual JibberJobber users (you!)… but if you have any contacts with your career center, let me know – I would love to get some input from them!
  7. The guerrilla job search teleseminar was awesome.  I have a recording – I was hoping to put it in a little widget on the blog but it’s too long for that … I’ll post it tomorrow so you can download it.
  8. Last week I did a webinar on social tools in a job search.  It was recorded, and I’ll get the video on the blog also.

There’s more going on, not ready to announce it yet… in my personal life:

  1. My baby boy is almost one (that went fast!)!  This is our fifth child… we have a very busy household!
  2. My office is getting renovated for the two weeks after I get back from New Orleans… I’ll probably work out of coffee shops and other places, which will be different… but I’m excited to get a nice (finished) office-space!
  3. Since my calf injury I’ve decided to walk 500 miles this week.  I’m up to about 160 miles… I hoped to get to 200 by this time of the year but we have been sick most of this month and it’s just been impossible.  But still … 160 miles!  That’s about 154 more than last year!
  4. I’ve been finishing my basement. I’ve done most of the electrical (under the guidance of an electrician) and have just finished the insulation … I’m learning as I’m going – it’s fun… it’s stressful and it’s a stress-reliever at the same time.  We definitely need the extra space, though, as my kids get older.

That’s about it, I think.  I call last summer “the summer that wasn’t” because of my calf and some other medical things… it was miserable… this summer is already so much better than last summer…

I hope your spring/summer is going well, also!  If you are in a job search I feel good for you… I’ve seen a lot of great signs that the economy is changing for the better!