Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar Recording (free download)

I wanted to make this embeddable (sp?) so you could listen from the blog but it was too long (the file was too big).  It is a download, which is cool, because you can put it on your PC, iPod, etc. and listen whenever/wherever you want.

Right click to download the Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar by David Perry and Kevin Donlin. (or, if you left click you might be able to hear it from the browser… depending on your browser)

In the teleseminar David and Kevin shared strategy, tactics and examples for job seekers on how to be different… desireable, and cut down the time in your job search.

Being unemployed sucks.  Being unemployed for a long, long time really sucks.  Listen to the teleseminar – their full program, at a JibberJobber discount, is at this link: Guerrilla Job Search – JibberJobber discount.

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