A Visual Elevator Pitch?

I just found a blog post from GL Hoffman (via Dave Opton of Execunet) about an idea to share your elevator pitch visually.

GL’s blog post, The New Visual Elevator Pitch, has some examples of his idea.

I’ve seen many job seekers put various types of statements on their business cards but I have two problems with this:

  • The space on a business card is so small that the message they have is very small font and, for me, hard to read. ¬†ESPECIALLY if they have multiple statements (I’ve seen cards with three or for value prop statements).
  • The messaging they have on the card sounds jargony.

Some business card afficionados might argue that another negative of having this on the back of your card means people can’t write their own notes on your card because there isn’t enough white space.

GL proposes that you create 4×6 postcards and make the more visually appealing… I love the idea…. it kind of fits into a “this isn’t my resume, but it’s a document you can easily digest and hopefully be interested in more” category….

What do you think? See GLs post for more description and two examples of the document.