Guerrilla Job Search Teleseminar (Part II)

Here’s more info on the teleseminar on Friday (call 605.475.4900 Code: 964394# on Friday at noon EST)…

Dear Job Seeker,

guerrilla_job_search_systemIf you’re looking for a job in this economy, here’s important news …

David Perry and Kevin Donlin, the co-authors of “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0,” are doing a free teleseminar for readers of my blog on Friday at noon EST that you need to listen to.

Maybe you’ve read them in the New York Post, Fortune Magazine, or on … or heard them on CBS Radio … or seen them on NBC-TV.

That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you listen to a new teleseminar that I convinced them to do for JibberJobber people.

David and Kevin just helped 4 more people find jobs fast — they were hired in anywhere from 8 days to 7 weeks, which is 75% FASTER than the national average of 29.7 weeks.

That’s like putting 22 weeks worth of lost paychecks back in your pocket.

Want to know how they did it?

If so, then they’re here to help you — for FREE.

Why free?

Because they want to do a “beta test” of their job-search training with a live audience before starting a national advertising campaign.

So, they agreed to let me host a special, one-time *only* teleseminar on Friday at noon EST — at NO cost.

The number to call is (605) 475-4900; enter access code: 964394#. Your normal long-distance rates will apply (or, call from VOIP, like I do :p).

During this content-packed phone call, lasting about 50 minutes, you will discover:

  • How one laid-off manager got hired for a 6-figure job in only 8 days, after learning one simple “Guerrilla” job search secret in Sept. 2009 (and we’ll share this secret with you on the call)
  • How a systems analyst from Mesa, Arizona, desperate to feed his family after 10 months of unemployment, was hired on March 8, 2010 after only 6 weeks … despite sending his resume to the WRONG employer. You have to hear his story to believe it.
  • How 2 other Guerrilla Job Hunter got hired after only 7 weeks, in Detroit, Michigan — the WORST job market in America. You’ll hear their case studies in detail.
  • How one Guerrilla Job Hunter was hired in Illinois by an employer that found him on Linkedin because of the “Guerrilla” profile he created
  • And much more …

As you can see, this will not be your average teleseminar.

David and Kevin have put together some of their best Guerrilla Job Search secrets … and we hope YOU will mark your calendar for Friday at noon Eastern, for this exciting event.

The number to call is (605) 475-4900; enter access code: 964394#.

NOTE: If you DO get shut out of the call due to overcrowding, don’t worry! I’ll post a link on my web site where you can download a recording and listen later.

Join us – it will be fun!

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