Update on Special, Baby and DVD

Last week I meant to write four more blog posts, but the week got away from me.  Being Mr. Dad and Mr. Mom and Mr. JibberJobber was more than I expected.  Not to mention a two-day trip to Irvine for a speaking engagement.  So here’s a quick update on three things:

First, the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD:

  • The DVD plays in a Mac, PC and in a regular DVD player.  I think the coolest way to watch/learn is to put it in the DVD player (on your TV), and then sit with your laptop or PC and go along with it.
  • This is not a 1+ hour webinar… instead, it’s a bunch of segments… how to beef up your LinkedIn Profile, how to do LinkedIn Recommendations, how to ________.  There are a bunch of chapters or segments that you can browse to. It’s self-paced – watch the entire thing at once, or watch just one segment a day.
  • You can learn more about it from the LinkedIn for Job Seekers website, which lists all chapters… also, check out this video my video editor did:


You can get the DVD from the LinkedIn for Job Seekers page, or see below on the special offer.

Second, the JibberJobber three year celebration and specials:

Last week I wanted to do some special posts on JibberJobber, for the week-long celebration.  I didn’t get to it, so I’m extending the special through this week.

I’ve already had a bunch of upgrades and sent out a bunch of DVDs… during this week if you upgrade you get:

  1. Two years of JibberJobber for the price of one! That would be an upgrade of $4.13 for each of 24 months.  That’s a sweet deal – over 50% off!
  2. The LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD. Whether you are in a job search or not, this DVD is a great training resource for you (for a site license (university, outplacement, etc.), contact me).
  3. Your choice of the Blog Marketing 201 – 501 or the Write Your Book! webinars.
  4. Other stuff from my partners that I’m putting together.

Simply login to your account, then click on the Upgrade link at the bottom of any page, and then click on the highlighted Upgrade Now link.  Make sure to choose the one year option.

Third, my baby boy, Daniel:

Daniel was born almost two weeks ago.  Mom and baby are doing great… they sleep alot, and Daniel does all the right stuff (poop, cry, look confused, eat, etc.).  I had a fun time injecting social networking into the birthday of my boy – you can read about it here (for the record, @DeepEddy guessed the closest, and did so more than 12 hours before Daniel was born!)).  Here’s a picture of Daniel:

(I can almost hear the oohs and aahs :p)

18 thoughts on “Update on Special, Baby and DVD”

  1. Jason,

    When I saw your announcement of your DVD on LinkedIn, I knew I had to have one. Even though I haven’t been a “job seeker” for over 25 years, I use JJ in my business and know that I can always learn something from you.

    I was not dissapointed. You came through again and I had a great many take-aways.

    Thanks again,


    P.S. – on the baby doing the right things – I have a teenage who exhibits the exact same behavior.

  2. Jason,

    You’re right. The first thing out of my mouth (after looking at the pic) was a combo of “ooh’s and aaah’s” there were also some “awwww’s” in there.

    Marc- pretty funny.

    Congrats, again. He’s beautiful.


  3. Jason, Daniel is adorable! And your LinkedIn for jobseekers DVD is such a hit with my clients that I cannot keep enough stocked. I haven’t even gotten the last order yet and I have homes for all of them… we make pretty good partners! The client that just left needs to be set up on jibberjobber and then we need another session to complete her LinkedIn profile. She is so excited!

  4. Ohhh, awww, wowww, he’s beautiful!!!! Now how about a pic of the whole proud family? I think Mom deserves a little credit, and we don’t want the 4 sibs to be jealous of Daniel’s mega media attention 🙂

    Congrats on 3 astounding years of JJ, my friend!

  5. Jason,

    I know it had to be hard being away from that precious little guy (HOW CUTE?!), but I am grateful that you were able to present at the AICI conference in Irvine last weekend. Your ability to speak to audience members who ranged from complete novices to seasoned published consultants was amazing. In that short amount of time, every participant was able to pick up a wealth of information, presented in a clear and engaging fashion. Thanks for the great insights!

  6. Jason,

    Cool video. I love it.

    What a precious photo of your new son Daniel. I am so happy for you and your wife and family. I wish you all blessings in abundance and joys every day.



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