3 Things I Love About JibberJobber

We’ve had some really cool upgrades lately, and I wanted to share 3 things I do my own relationship management in JibberJobber that I really appreciate:

  1. Adding new contacts just by using their Twitter handle. Sometimes I find myself adding a new contact manually, and then remember that I know them because of Twitter.  Alas, you don’t have to use Twitter to make use of this cool feature – the neat thing is we pull in stuff from their Twitter profile, including their picture (!), location, bio, URL, and some stats from Twitter.  It takes about 4 seconds to enter all of that if you have the person’s Twitter handle… so cool! (how?  click here)
  2. Adding images of contacts from a URL. I just announced this last week, but man it’s so cool.  In fact, it’s been on my development wish list for over 2 years!  I LOVE how it takes about 30 seconds, from start to finish, to put someone’s picture on their profile.  Oh, if I’m already on their detail page it takes about 8 seconds!  So cool! (how?  click here)
  3. Create log entries via email.  This is another relatively new feature, but I find myself using it multiple times each day.  When I write an email that I want to log, I first make sure the contact is in my JibberJobber database, and that their email addy is the one I’m sending to, and then I put my ultra-secret JJ email addy in the BCC and the log entry is automatically created.  SO USEFUL. (how?  click here)

Love it – thanks to the users who share their ideas, and thanks to my dev team who makes all the magic work!

Viva la relationship management!

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