That word has been on my mind a lot this year.

I think I’m disrupting an industry, right now.

I won’t have many fans from within that industry, but everyone tells me the time is ripe to disrupt it…. someone is going to do it, why not me?

I want to be in charge of the disruption.  Or at least, one of the early disrupters.

This year, tens of thousands of people have had their careers disrupted.

Instead of being in charge of the disruption, they have been disrupted.  Many feel like the carpet was pulled out from under them.  Some got up fine, others lay on the ground wounded.

Would you rather be a disrupter, and have some control over the direction (or at least feel like you have some control), or a disruptee, and lay down wounded, wondering what the heck’s going on?

The year is over.  The decade is over.

Next year, next decade, is YOURS.

Disrupt.  Or be disrupted.

6 thoughts on “Disrupt”

  1. Right there with you, Jason! I made the daring decision that you already know about and it is opening incredible new doors and new conversations. You can be a prisoner of the way it was or you can journey into what it could be… you can be afraid or you can say, what if… and then you can trust. My personal trust will always begin with God as He is the center of where I come from. For others it will be different, but whatever it is, trusting in the old ways of doing things and the old ways of thinking, will keep you in the old ways of being. I am on a journey and it is exciting.

  2. It is wrecking time! The industry of human capital is the most inefficient and flawed of any marketplace, without a sense of the worth of people or the value of work. My quest is to change that and provide people a fairer and better means for controlling there professional careers.

    Let’s do some disrupting together.

  3. Disrupters on Full! The world is changing, and simply wishing it wouldn’t change, is very pollyanna. We can lead, follow or get out of the way. But standing still will just get you run over. Particularly impacting America. Decades of deficit spending. Barriers to trade removed (not a bad thing). People around the world can service your needs. Read A Whole New Mind to see how Asia, Abundance & Automation are changing the game RADICALLY. Many others are pointing the change, and the way.

    The question is not IF the world is changing. The question is ~ will YOU change with it? Or, spend your energy swimming upstream to avoid the change? This is just the next evolution in our world – The Agricultural, Industrial and other ‘revolutions’ came, and human kind survived. But, who wants to be the ‘last of the buggy whip makers’ in an iPhone world?

  4. Go out and disrupt that industry you’re talking about! I love it! You have made some wonderful strides in the years I’ve been following you, so you’re definitely on fire!

    I am determined more then ever to make 2010 a year I redefine what I stand for and what I believe in. Since my daughter (my first) was born in June, I felt this way.

    I’ll be 30 next year…what that means to me…I’m not sure. But, more than ever before, I know what I want.

    Jason, GO disrupt! I would place my bet on you any day!

  5. I can resonate with being a “disrupter”, Jason.

    I’ve been that way since my young adult years, and then as a fighter for my daughter’s rights to educational assistance at various schools she attended. I “take the bull by the horns” when problems arise–in my family, my church, my community, and my business. I can’t imagine sitting on the sidelines when there is something I can do. That would be a shallow way to live, and it’s not my way.

    I truly admire all the “disrupters” in this wold, including our Lord, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate tomorrow.

    May abundant blessings be yours and may joy fill your home on Christmas day.


  6. Jason, great food for thought. Hmm,

    TJ, I liked your analysis, too “…The question is not IF the world is changing… ~ will YOU change with it? Or, spend your energy swimming upstream trying to avoid it …. who wants to be the ‘last of the buggy whip makers’ in an iPhone world?…”

    I also liked a lot of the others comments about how they practice or support disruptiveness.

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