Big JibberJobber News: Create Log Entries From an Email

This is a feature that has been on our list for over 18 months.  We’re really excited to announce it is finally available to you (it is a premium feature).

In a nutshell, this new feature allows you to create a Log Entry by sending an email to a special email address.

When I say Log Entry, realize you can:

  1. Also create an Action Item,
  2. Associate it with multiple contacts, companies and job postings, and
  3. Change the time when you get an email reminder, if it is an action item.

If you are not a Premium users use the Contact Us form and we’ll bump you up for five days so you can play around with this very super cool feature. Here’s what you do:

Go to My Account (from the main menu, when you are logged in) and then click on the Email Address Tab

Here is the page where you set it up and make it active.  These are two security measures so others can’t create log entries on your behalf (not foolproof but they are pretty good).


The second/bottom section says Log Email Address.  This is where you activate it.

The first thing you do is set up your unique email address.  Simply put some keyword in the Keyword box – your personal, unique email address will show up as you type it – this is he email addy you will use to create a log entry.  I put the word “secret” in my box…


Notice (corresponding to the numbers above):

  1. This top sentence tells you this is NOT active yet – you can tell because the email address is RED.  Once you finish the steps it will be GREEN (and active).
  2. This is where you put your keyword.
  3. As you type your keyword the email addresses labeled 1 and 3 will change, so you can see what your email addy will be.

Next, put in the email addresses that are authorized to create a Log Entry.


Note that you can put in multiple email addresses… just separate them with commas.  I have two main email accounts I use, so I put both of those in this box.  Email from other addresses to my unique address should not create Log Entries.

Finally, click on the Set Keyword button.  You should notice the bold/red email addy is now bold/green.

Now, go to your email client and send an email to someone in your JibberJobber network, and BCC your new unique email addy you just created.  I use BCC so people don’t “reply to all” and have a chance of creating a Log Entry.  NOTE: I put in multiple email addresses – all corresponding to contacts I have in JibberJobber, and a Log Entry was created for each email address I put in the email.  THAT IS COOL!


Then, within 5 minutes (we check for new emails every 5 minutes) you should see the Log Entry created on their contact record in JibberJobber.  Here’s the Log Entry created when I sent to the address I have on a record in JibberJobber:


#1 is the email Subject, and #2 is the email Body.

To do the other cool stuff, like associate multiple contacts, companies or jobs, or to make it an Action Item, etc., go to that page and click the HELP icon .

Let us know if you have any feedback on this feature… thank you!

5 thoughts on “Big JibberJobber News: Create Log Entries From an Email”

  1. I followed the directions but I think you are over my head as to why I am doing this. I know I need to keep exploring JJ but normally I know the value of a new feature even if I am not using it. Can you give some examples and tell us if it is our own e-mails or other contacts e-mails creating the log entry? Either my 3 cups of coffee aren’t working today or I am brain-dead. Thanks, Jason…

  2. Julie, thanks for asking … as I was writing that too-long post I had a nagging feeling I was leaving stuff out, but it was getting so long I didn’t know how to include more.

    The problem is that I was telling about the features, and not sharing the “benefits,” something I think job seekers do all too often.

    So above is the feature, and how to use it, etc. Below, in this comment, is the BENEFIT 🙂 Thanks for opening the door on how to capitalize on this new feature.

    Imagine you just finish a network lunch and you want to send a thank you email from your smart phone. From the road you send it, and you include your unique JibberJobber email address as per above… the email is then automatically logged for that record.

    Imagine you want to remind yourself to do something (ie, create an Action Item)… same scenerio, from on the road, in the middle of a meeting, or otherwise unable to get to JibberJobber, you can create the Log Entry and Action Item from a mobile device.

    Imagine you ARE at the computer and JibberJobber is open, but you don’t want to take the extra steps required after you write an email to copy and paste it into the right contact record’s Log Entry page… simply add the unique email addy in the BCC and it’s done automatically. This can shave off a few minutes from each email you write, which can add up during the day.

    Imagine you are in the heat of an email thread and realize you want to send the entire thread to JibberJobber – you can simply FORWARD the email to your unique JJ email addy and it will be entered as a Log Entry.

    The idea is to automatically add info from an email discussion to your JibberJobber system without having to go to JibberJobber.

    Does that clear it up a bit?

  3. A bit, but I think as I tell my clients, to learn to understand anything, computers, a specific software program, a web application, or anything else… practice and play with it. So I will make a mental note to play.

    Thanks for taking the extra time, Jason. I often find that if I am brave enough to ask a question, there are a batch of silent people out there not even wanting to say a peep in case they look dumb… Fortunately, I’m not afraid of that! 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful add-on, thanks!

    Suggestion – I still find myself manually having to associate log entries with the related company and other contacts. I’d also like to associate log entries with the related job, but it’s difficult to identify which is the right one from the drop down list that comes up. Perhaps these items can be addressed in a future update.

  5. THAT is the bomb. I can so use this. It’s even an encouragement to respond to e-mail more promptly since it cuts the added time to log the contact. So very useful, thank you to your team!

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