JibberJobber Development Story – Part II (Twitter + JibberJobber)

This weekend is the last chance to take advantage of the sweet upgrade celebration for JibberJobber – click here to learn what you get if you upgrade!

Wednesday I blogged about the history of the development team, and mentioned we have a list a mile long.  Let me share an example of what we do… just a few days ago my developer released a new feature allowing you to add someone from Twitter, just using their Twitter handle.  Note: you do NOT have to be on Twitter, or even be logged into Twitter, to make this work.

Here’s how it works:

Login to JibberJobber, go to the Add a Contact page, and click on the Quick Add from Twitter link.

I put in ShirleyFrazier, since she tweeted to me.  Plus she is a basketologist – how could you not want a basketologist in your network?  Never know when that might come in handy!

The contact information is added, and you can see what information we get to pull over from Twitter (all the stuff the arrows are pointing to are automatically brought over from her Twitter Profile).

This is a FREE feature… in a future post I’ll show you how to use Twitter in a job search, which will perfectly dovetail into this feature.

Like I mentioned, we are constantly working on improving the product – whether it’s the user experience, or stuff under-the-hood, this is a full-time job for us, to make your job search and network relationship management just a little bit easier!

4 thoughts on “JibberJobber Development Story – Part II (Twitter + JibberJobber)”

  1. You know, the recent functionality which I’ve gotten the most mileage from is the new way the log entries database is now set up. The fact that I can start a note on one person, attach that note to any number of action items, locations, companies, jobs, and people as I type or any time after, and that I can even create new contacts, companies, and jobs on the spot from the note, just blows me away.

  2. Ah, if you could only see the list of stuff that we hope will continue to blow you away – thanks for the feedback on that Sophie, reminds me I need to do a video on it 🙂

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