The European Tour: Belgium, England, France, Italy, Spain

The travel plans are 99% nailed down, and they look like this:


The last time I was in Europe I made some mistakes.  I flew in, went to my hotel and slept, spoke for eight hours the next day, went to dinner (a couple of hours away – not a good idea after speaking for a full day), then went back to my hotel, slept, and then went to the airport to fly home.  I got to see a little bit of Istanbul, but I really should have planned that better.

This time, I’m planning it better!  I’m taking a couple of my kids, arriving near the city I’m speaking almost a week early, and staying in Europe for a month.  Take that, jet lag!!

While there, I want to “do it all.”  I am creating lists of things to do in each country we’ll be in, and want to soak up the sights/sites, the food, the language, and the culture. I’ll spend about 5 days in each city I’ll be in, and hope that will give me enough time to experience a bit of that culture. I’m super excited.

From what I hear, there aren’t traditional job clubs or job ministries, but I will be contacting a few schools to see if I can speak to their business and MBA students. If you know of any places I could speak, and can make introductions, I’d appreciate it.

I’ve learned there is balance for trips like this.  I have to balance work with downtime. I typically have that very out-of-balance (like the time I was in Minneapolis and spoke 14 times in 3 days… or was it 13 times in 4 days?  Either way, it was really intense).  This time, though, I’ll have my kids, and I want to make sure that we make memories together.  So, I’ll guard my time carefully and not over do it.

This trip will be mid-May to mid-June.  Have any advice, tips, pointers, or contacts?  Would love to hear them and get intros!

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  1. Be sure to eat at the Ambaciatore de Abruzzo. Show up early. You may stand in line to get in, but you will be fed salami, cheese and vino while waiting. It is a community type of restaurant where you show up and they feed you what they are preparing that day. Multiple servings of different pastas and then meats, and later, if you have room, deserts and unlimited vino.

  2. Hi Jason, I could probably give you some pointers for the leg of your trip to England….really depends on where you are going there…?

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