Going Through The Motions vs. Focusing On The Outcome

In yesterday’s blog post about being lazy and sloppy, I wrote:

“Because sometimes, in your job search, you just go through the motions.  You don’t have your heart in it, and you make mistakes that seem to be no big deal.”

Ah, going through the motions.

You may relate to having a kid clean the bathroom mirror, only to check on it and seeing streaks all over the mirror. Or, sweep the kitchen floor, only to see dust and crumbs all over the floor.

When I (the parent) ask them (the kids) to do a job, I want the job done.  I want the mirror clean, and the floor clean.  Somehow, sometimes, what they understand is “spray the mirror and then wipe a paper towel over it a bunch of times,” or “walk around the kitchen and swing a broom back and forth.”

I’m asking for a result, they are focusing on the action.

In your job search, are you working for a result, or are you just going through the motions?

Be honest with yourself.  Many times, I was just going through the motions.

The problem with motions is that, just like the mirror or the floor, the results are not good. They aren’t even unacceptable. The work has to be redone. It was a waste of time (unless you learn from it).

Don’t do stuff in your job search that gets no results, and that you’ll just have to do over later.

Oh wait, some things can’t be done over (like, make a first impression, do great in a first interview, follow-up appropriately with a networking introduction, etc.).

Put your focus on the results, not the motions.