Insider Information: Kristi Broom (Hiring Manager) #AWESOME

I’ve watched this interview twice now, and will soon watch it again. It was chock-full of amazing insight and information. As you watch the interview you’ll be impressed at how strategic and purposeful Kristi is.

My experience with hiring managers was that they were ill-prepared, and seemed to have gotten a list of interview questions off of Google about 4 minutes before they walked into the room. This is NOT the case with Kristi Broom.  Kristi’s hiring and evaluations process is very methodical.

What can you learn from her?  How to manage your job search when you want to work for an awesome boss.  How to present yourself, and what matters.  The purpose of certain interview questions, and more.

If you want hope, direction, encouragement, and help understanding where to focus your job search, Kristi’s interview is a must watch.  I’ll warn you now: get paper and pencil ready, you’ll want to take lots of notes!


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