JibberJobber Vision: Level The Playing Field

The vision behind JibberJobber, from 10+ years ago, is multi-faceted.  I was in my own failing job search, needing help organizing my networking and applications. I was also ready for something entrepreneurial, and had been thinking about various business ideas. JibberJobber was one of three that I came up with. In this post, I want to share one aspect of the vision behind JibberJobber.

One of the key reasons I created JibberJobber was to “level the playing field.”  What does that mean?

Recruiters and HR people involved in hiring have tools, such as “applicant tracking systems,” that help them organize and manage the hiring process.  They talk with, and should know where they are at, with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of candidates. The expensive software they use helps them keep on top of who they talk with, and where they are at with each person.

In contrast, job seekers had… well, a scrappy spreadsheet or spiral notebook that they threw together, and spent time patching up.

This seemed unfair to me: the employed people had all the right tools (debatable, considering I rarely talk to a recruiter who is happy with their ATS) and job seekers had only what they could come up with.

I created JibberJobber so that you, the job seeker, could have a toolset that (a) did the job (helped you organize and track) and (b) helped you feel empowered, and to a degree, feel like the tools you have at your fingertips somehow help level the playing field.

That was one of the purposes behind JibberJobber: to empower you, and level the playing field.