JibberJobber Vision: Empowering You, the Job Seeker

This week I am sharing five facets to the JibberJobber vision:

Monday: Leveling the playing field

Tuesday: Organizing the job search

Wednesday: Managing the job search

Thursday: Followup

Today, I want to wrap this up. Of course, these five posts aren’t the only five parts of our vision… there are more, some pretty obvious, and some behind-the-scenes. Let’s talk about a culmination of our vision, and our promise to you.

We want to empower you.  In your career, in your relationships, and in your job search. The job search isn’t necessarily the main thing we want to empower you in… it is a short-term, temporary situation. It will likely end in a few months… and it is something that will likely reoccur in a few years.

We take a more long-term perspective and want to empower you, starting today, through the rest of your career (and in some cases, even beyond).

Ready to network? JibberJobber is ready to organize, track, and manage where you are at in your relationships.

Feeling lost and out of control? JibberJobber can help empower you, and feel  more in control.

Ready to conquer the world, and be the most amazing person you can be? JibberJobber will be a tool in your toolbox of awesomeness to help you stay on top of your goals, and the tactics to achieve those goals.

A user once said “JibberJobber is my virtual assistant.” I loved that because the role of a virtual assistant is to do some of the tedious part of your job so you can focus on the stuff that only you can do.  Instead of spending time on tedious (which still should be done), you can focus on higher value tasks.

Working on the right things, at the right time, and not having to worry about organizational or management things, will help you feel empowered.

Working towards your goals will ensure you are moving in the right direction, and not wasting time with trivial, no-impact tasks (aka, busy work).

I’m not saying that JibberJobber will be THE tool to ensure you don’t waste time, but it is a tool to help you be and feel empowered as a job seeker, and more importantly, as someone who owns the direction of their career.

Providing tools to help level the playing field, manage and organize,follow-up and nurture, and empower you, is our commitment to you.