Five Parts of the JibberJobber Vision for Career Management

Last week I shared five parts of my vision, and how JibberJobber helps people in a job search, and with career management and professional networking.  They are:

To level the playing field… it’s not just HR and recruiters that should have powerful technology to manage and organize this stuff

To help organize your job search (you collect lots of data/information during your job search… this is how you organize it)

To help you manage your job search (you have data, now what do you do with it? What do you do with your time? You need a tool to help manage this complex process)

To help you with your follow-up, a critical part of the job search

To empower you, the job seeker, and make you feel like you are a first class citizen again

That’s my past vision, which we are still working on, and have been for ten years.  The vision for the next ten years is more empowering… won’t you join us?

You can support this vision by: 

  1. Using JibberJobber, whether you are employed or not, own your own business or even retired…
  2. Tell others about JibberJobber
  3. Upgrade – it’s very optional, but every upgrade supports the execution of this vision

Join us… let’s do this together!