When Recruiters Actually Give You Feedback

As I mentioned yesterday, I tried to network with about 30 recruiters during my job search. I got nowhere with any of them.  It was confusing and disappointing.

One day, I had a conversation with Dave, one of the recruiters I thought was really going to help me land my dream job. Check out the one line he gave me that changed how I networked with recruiters in this blog post: Recruiters ARE NOT your BFF in the Job Search.

When he told me that, he clarified our relationship, and our roles. I stopped wasting time chasing recruiters who were busy doing their jobs, and had no reason to reply to me, nor to give me any feedback.  I stopped reaching out only to get more rejection.

This feedback changed a lot about my job search. When you get honest feedback from a recruiter, will it change your job search? Will you be ready to take it, or will you reject it? I’m not saying you need to take or believe every bit of feedback you get, but you have to be open to (a) accepting that it is truth, and (b) figure out how to incorporate it so you can move forward in the right direction.