Nutrition for a Job Interview (StandOutCV Infograph)

I remember an interview I went to where I was exhausted. I’m sure the interviewers picked up on that.  My body and brain were not ready to be “on stage.”  I did not get the job 🙁

In my time management and productivity course on Pluralsight (watch if free, following these instructions), I have a video titled “hacking your body and brain to be more productive.” I’ve been thinking about how our physical environment, body, nutrition, exercise, etc. affects our ability to focus, work, be productive, etc.  Shortly after the course went live, I found this post, titled “What to eat before a job interview.” Here’s the infographic.  How are you doing with your nutrition?

What should you eat before an interview

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  1. Good points! The brain is a physical organ and it runs on food!

    About the caffeine, something most people don’t know is that the jitteriness isn’t just from caffeine, there’s some other chemical coffee & tea have that adds to it – except green tea. Green tea is the calmest caffeine source!

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