Hack.Summit() – A Conference for YOU

Have you heard of Hack.Summit()? I doubt it. I hadn’t heard of it until recently.

But I want you to know about it… this is a virtual event (think: series of webinars) for technical people.  OR, for people who want to become technical.  If you are a developer, this is a MUST ATTEND event.

Did I mention it is free? When you register you can “donate,” or you can tweet or share on facebook.  They say “if you are not in a financial position to donate, then you can get a free ticket if you share on Twitter or Facebook…”

I registered yesterday, which only took a few minutes to do.

What if you are not a developer?

No problem.  In the FAQs, it says:

“No specific knowledge of any given technology or coding language is required, but a general understanding of programming is very helpful, as some of the talks
will be technical.”

If you are interested in working in the high tech world, this might be a great introduction to what you think you are going to get into.

What if you can’t make it to any session between February 22 and February 25?

No problem, the sessions are RECORDED.  So sign up, and watch when you can. Here’s the link: https://hacksummit.org