How To Make The Presentation Of Your Life!

My 27th Pluralsight course was published last night: Presenting to the Boss(es).  This is a course designed to help you prepare for, perform, and follow-up on, the most important presentation of your life.

This might be a presentation where you are pitching something to a prospect, informing your board of directors, showing your product to your product manager, demo’ing concepts on stage in front of a huge audience, or simply asking for a raise.  The outcome of your presentation could be that your career takes off, accelerates, that your project gets more funding, or that you buy your team more time and resources to get the project finished.  Or, if the presentation goes poorly, you might get fired, all of your team loses their jobs, the company dies, you lose customers, you miss market opportunities, etc.

This is The Performance Of Your Life. And this course helps you know how to do a great job before, during and after.  The three modules are:

  1. Preparing for an Outstanding Presentation (42 minutes)
  2. Optimizing the Presentation (52 minutes)
  3. Debriefing and Follow-up After the Presentation (30 minutes)

You can get free access to this course by following these instructions: not only will you be watching this course within a couple of minutes, but you’ll also earn another seven day upgrade: Pluralsight 30 day pass and free JibberJobber upgrade instructions

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