Pluralsight Videos and JibberJobber Upgrades, 30 Days Clarification

I need to clarify something about this 30 days thing.

The offer to watch my videos on Pluralsight for 30 days is, hopefully, indefinite.  That is, the offer doesn’t end at the end of this month.  Hopefully Pluralsight let’s me share these videos (and their entire library) with JibberJobber users for 30 days this month, and next month, and next year, etc.

In other words, you don’t have to do this before March 31!

The 30 days means that from the time you sign up on Pluralsight, through JibberJobber, you get a 30 day window to watch all the videos you want.  If you sign up today, you get 30 days from today.  If you sign up on October 1st, you get 30 days from October 1st.

So, sign up when you are ready, and consume all of the learning you want from Pluralsight over the next 30 days.  And when you are in a position to recommend online learning at your company, recommend Pluralsight 🙂

And, this means you can share this great offer with your job clubs, your friends, family members, etc. So, share!

Here’s a video showing how to access Pluralsight for 30 days, and get additional JibberJobber upgrades:

List of Jason Alba courses that get you additional upgrade days on JibberJobber

Step-by-step, with pictures, guide of how to get your 30 days from Pluralsight (NO credit card required)

2 thoughts on “Pluralsight Videos and JibberJobber Upgrades, 30 Days Clarification”

  1. I tried to get back onto pluralsight and I’m having problems. I was watching a video and wanted to get back on but it’s not letting me. I know I have more time available from the 30 day trial and the additional time gained from watching two of the videos. I’m almost finished watching a third.

    Please help.


  2. I solved the problem of accessing Pluralsight. I still have a question of how much time do I have left?



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