Pluralsight Courses That Will Earn You Additional Upgrade Days on JibberJobber

I was recently asked for a list of the courses that you can watch on Pluralsight that will earn you free upgrades to JibberJobber Premium.  The list is below, but as new courses come out you’ll find all of my courses here: Jason Alba Pluralsight courses. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to get free JibberJobber upgrade for watching my Pluralsight courses. And, here’s a video showing how to access Pluralsight for 30 days, and get additional JibberJobber upgrades:

I wrote a book on LinkedIn back in 2007, which is now in the 4th edition.  I’ve done hundreds of LinkedIn trainings around the U.S. and virtually around the world since then.  This is the latest and greatest on using LinkedIn:

These courses are specific to job seekers. If I were in a job search right now, they would be required watching:

This is a ten thousand foot view of career management, and a great course to get calibrated on how to think about your career, and what we used to call “job security”:

Stephen Covey said “begin with the end in mind.”  Once you land your job you will start your first 30/60/90 days of work.  This course presents the idea that you should onboard yourself at your new company (it is NOT about HR forms and processes):

This could have been under the Developing a Killer Personal Brand… but I’m breaking it out to be in it’s own entrepreneurial/marketing section:

These are my courses on communications (note there are a bunch of courses on presentations, but they aren’t mine):

Here are my management/leadership courses:

If you are already a JibberJobber user, you should be more interested in the weekly User Orientation… this video below is for people who aren’t on or don’t care about JibberJobber:

There are a bunch of other awesome courses, including courses to help you get into the high tech field, as well as other soft skill courses.  Any Jason Alba course will get you additional days of premium on JibberJobber.  When you get your 30 day code through your JibberJobber account (just login to JibberJobber and you’ll see a link directly below the main menu), you have access to the entire Pluralsight library for 30 days.

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