Trap Interview Questions with Ford Myers

You know, when you are in a job interview, the question the interviewer asks might not really be the question they want you to answer.  Or, to put it another way, they might ask a question just to see if you have… issues.

Here’s a great youtube video where Ford Myers addresses the why’s and how to answer specific questions in a job search interview:

2 thoughts on “Trap Interview Questions with Ford Myers”

  1. What a g**d***ed f***ng d****ebag, no wonder he doesn’t have a REAL job !?!?!

    Oh Yeah, every g***mned f***ing boss & every g****mned f***ing company I ever worked for was brilliant and could do no wrong. What a f***ing crock of s**t.

  2. I sat on this comment for the last week… when I get this type of comment I’m not sure if it’s real, or spam… but let’s assume it’s real.

    The reality is, the job search is a very emotional time. I totally get the feeling here about (a) getting advice from “experts” and (b) having to play this game.

    I will say, though, that there is a lot of wisdom in what Ford says. If I were interviewing you and you talked to me like you left this comment, I might be amused, and have stories to tell, and perhaps I’ll like you a lot, but you come across as a liability… when else are you going to lose your temper, blow up, or offend people?

    Is this the type of language and confrontation that I want in my company’s/team’s culture?

    Of course companies and bosses have problems, but if you focus on them in an interview I’ll appreciate that you are brutally honest, but the real reason you are there is to show me why you are the right fit. If you blow up in an interview, and go off about your boss/company, I’m inclined to worry about any harm you’ll do to my environment that I’m trying to nurture and cultivate.

    You could be 1,000% right in your assessment and your feelings, but this is a time to court the employer, not show them that you are right AND that you are a horrible fit for the company.

    That, I think, is what Ford is focusing on in the video.

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