New Feature: Set Up Recurring Action Items

I’m kind of embarrassed to say this is a new feature… over 7 years after we launched JibberJobber.  But here we are, and it is awesome.  This is new, as of last night.

Let’s say you meet someone and want to reach out to them a few times a year… just to keep in touch with them.  They aren’t someone you are going to follow-up with very often, but you don’t want to lose track of them, or fall off of their radar.

In JibberJobber, set up their contact record (I would do this by emailing them and BCC’ing JibberJobber), and then create a Log Entry / Action Item.

Under the Action Item tab you will see a new checkbox to make the Action Item recurring (see image).  Internally we code named this feature RAI.  Pretty clever, huh?  (yeah, that stands for Recurring Action Item)


When you click the checkbox you will have this new box that you are likely familiar with – it is similar to outlook and gmail and other systems where you schedule something recurring.  In this example I’m saying I want to follow-up every 3 months (or, each quarter):


One challenge we had was, how do NOT show you tons and tons of pending Action Items that could clog up your Log Entry display?  We put future Action Items in a new tab, like this (the spelling will change in the next few weeks to Recurring instead of Recurrent):


On the Log Entries tab you won’t see a bunch of future recurring Action Items, but if you click on the other tab you will see them, like this (this is a test I did to do a recurring Action Item every day for the next 31 days):


We don’t want to clog up your Log Entry page with tons of future recurring Action Items… but you will see any future Action Items (including recurring Action Items) on the Action Item panel on the home page of JibberJobber (this shows for Monday and Tuesday of next week… I erased the name of the person it is associated with):


A couple of months ago I was talking with an IT person who manages a lot of development and she said she knew how BIG this project is.  It doesn’t seem big when you think about it but to implement it, it is pretty big.  That’s one reason we haven’t done it before now… if you find any issues let us know.

I am sure I’ll be using this feature A LOT.

4 thoughts on “New Feature: Set Up Recurring Action Items”

  1. Jason, nothing to be embarrased about. You are a busy man and it’s understandable that these large projects take much longer to accomplish. Congrats to you and your team on rolling out this new feature. Seems like a very worthwhile addition to the JJ platform.

  2. Thanks Paula… in the big picture I think this is a huge enhancement to JibberJobber. We are told to network but it is really hard to keep in touch with people who we only reach out to once or twice a year – this should help that a lot.

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