Free JibberJobber Version Now More Powerful

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Last week I announced a massive change in the levels on JibberJobber.  We had to tidy up some code before we released it, and the release happened late last night.

You can read the details in last week’s post.  In short, this means the free verion of JibberJobber is way, way more powerful.

In fact, as of right now, there are only a few reasons to upgrade.

This change prompted job clubs and other organizations that help job seekers to re-evaluate JibberJobber, and recommend it more.

I hope this change helps YOU re-evaluate JibberJobber (and taking ownership of your own career management) more.

Please spread the news with your contacts, job coaches, outplacement companies, university career centers, and family and friends, whether they are in transition or not.

JibberJobber just became way more relevant to you.

So, why would anyone upgrade now?  It’s simple… choose one of the following four reasons.  If those don’t matter to you, use the free level forever 🙂

Reason 1: The Email2Log feature is awesome.  Imagine you send 20 emails a day.  This premium feature will probably save you one to two hours each day, as you track and organize your job search and networking.

What does the Email2Log feature do?  Simple: each time I send an email to someone (or multiple people), I BCC (blind carbon copy) the JibberJobber server and the email will (a) create a new Contact, if that email isn’t associated to an existing Contact, and (b) create a new Log Entry out of the email.

Reason 2: Import in bulk. If you want to import contacts from another system (any system that exports to a csv file, which is pretty much any system out there worth your time), you can import in bulk to JibberJobber.

Reason 3: Have as many Contact and Company records as you want.  The free level is still capped at 250 Contacts and 250 Companies… upgrade and you can have more.

A common question is “what happens if I am over the limit when I’m Premium, but then go to the Free level?”  Answer: We will not hide or remove your Contacts.  They are still there.  We do not hold your Contacts hostage!  Use them, edit the records, associate them to Companies, create Log Entries… they are 100% useful and functional!  So, during your Premium trial, add as many as you want (import thousands and thousands from Gmail, Outlook, etc.), and then later decide if you want to delete them… but get them in.

Reason 4: Get Action Items sent to your email or SMS.  Don’t want to forget things coming due?  Premium users get messages in their email or through text messaging on their phone.  Don’t regret missing a follow-up phone call just because you forgot to look and see what you had going on that day… get them pushed out to you!

I might be forgetting one or two features, but those are four compelling reasons to upgrade.

Like I said, if those don’t do it for you, use the Free level, with all the new bells and whistles that used to be Premium!

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  1. Jason,

    Thanks for all you are doing with your free side feature. Their are a lot of folks out there who don’t need another bill. I hope when they get where they need to be career wise they will take advantage of the many things JibberJobber can do to save their time!

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