Have you felt inspired to “do something” in your job search?

This last weekend I’ve been reflecting on feeling inspired to do things.  Specifically there are two things I’ve been inspired to do that I will act on, but haven’t yet:

  • Writing in a journal. In my church we’ve been taught to keep a journal, but as I get older I am learning all the reasons why this is an amazing exercise. I thought it was because we could leave a rich history to our kids and posterity, but there is additional benefit.  I have learned from a therapist that the exercise of journaling could have profound impacts on your brain, specifically your ability to recall, remember and concentrate.  Those are three things I would love to improve on, and if all it takes is some concentrated journaling, count me in!
  • Practicing my oral Spanish. I practice Spanish a bit, but I really have felt inspired to read outloud for 30 minutes a day, in Spanish.  I know I’ve lost a lot of my speaking ability, even though I do okay… I want to get back to fluent, and back to sounding fluent 🙂

I bet you have felt inspired to do something… I have no idea what that something is. It could be something like calling someone on your chicken list.  It could be getting your finances in order and going through them to find a hole somewhere.  It could be getting a new shirt… I don’t know… but I am guessing you’ve felt inspired to do something and have put it of.

So here’s my challenge/invitation to you. Today, write down what you’ve felt inspired to do.  This is simply a brain dump.

Then, this week, start to work on that list.  Get it out of your head, then get it off the paper, and be done with it.

You might benefit more than you could imagine by just doing it!

1 thought on “Have you felt inspired to “do something” in your job search?”

  1. Hi Jason,

    I actually have both of those on my list. I have slowly started getting back into them. The trick that works for me is to schedule it and set a time for each. I also set up reminders so I don’t forget I am committed to those task. I have also started learning to code (HTML & Java) through free training sites (every other day). Some of these things may seem to be overwhelming and tedious if you do not make it fun! I have to find ways to reward myself for actually doing them through the week. There are a websites that will can help you with your Spanish or any language. Here are two that might help: LiveMocha: https://livemocha.com/

    Duolingo: https://duolingo.com/

    I wish you much success!

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