“JibberJobber It” – How JibberJobber became a verb

Today I was making some notes in my calendar about pinging someone next year and in the notes of the calendar event I put:

JibberJobber it.

And then I cracked up.  This came out of nowhere, but it makes sense.  Here’s what it means:  Just like you might “google it” to learn about something, I wrote “JibberJobber it” to learn more about the person I am going to reach out to.

Like you, I am busy and have things coming at me from every angle.  Not only am I busy, I have a lot of things I do… just like you.

In a couple of months I might not remember who the person is or why I need to reach out to them.  But if I “JibberJobber it” I will find her contact info in JibberJobber, and more importantly, what our conversations were to get to that point.

I doubt this will catch on because “Google It” is three syllables, and “JibberJobber It” is five syllables… so it might just be too long, but you can be assured that I’ve done it for years, and I’ll do it for years to come!