What’s THE Problem? What’s Your Problem?

Last night I was at a fundraiser event and I asked a board member of the orginazation “what is your biggest board challenge?”

She said “raising money.

I knew that was the problem because that is what all non-profit organizations are challenged with.  I asked what I was more interested in:  “What is the next greatest problem?

I had no idea how she would answer, but her answer made sense.  (see her answer below, upside-down).

As I asked questions, and the right questions, I found out what her problems were.

You know what?  Problems = Opportunities.

If you can understand your problems, or your target company’s problems, you might help alleviate the pain.

You have an opportunity to solve a problem.

Problem solvers bring value.

Here’s a thought for today: What is the biggest problem you are facing?

Maybe this is the wrong question.  Or maybe the problem is not the right one… and you need to ask what the next biggest problem is, or ask a question that is more specific to your area/expertise.

But consider this: when you learn what the real problems are, you have the OPPORTUNITY to solve it.

Seize that opportunity!

Job seekers: what is your problem?

Here’s a thought for today: What is the biggest problem you are facing?

My biggest problem was that I didn’t have a job (an employer, a steady paycheck, etc.)

That masked the problem that I wasn’t getting interviews.  I was trying to solve the big problem (I need a job) and ignored the step to get there (I need to get interviews).

I was focusing on the wrong problem, and should have laser-focused on the real problem.

The problem I was told last night, by the organization board member:  ˙sɹǝǝʇunloʌ ǝɹoɯ pǝǝu ʎǝɥ┴ ˙ɹǝʍoduɐW