Rita Carey on the Job Board Fast, Informational Interviews

Rita Carey is a career coach I’ve blogged about before. You may remember her name.

She left a comment on my post about continuing the job board fast… I think it’s pretty profound:

I have been proposing this to clients for years.

Measure the return on investment when deciding your weekly activities.

Get out and do information meetings (high ROI).

This week, I had two calls from clients saying that they were being considered for highly competitive positions because of referrals – one from the parent of his daughter (he got that job) and one from a client’s acquaintance (not close friend) who knew of her availability and mentioned her to the manager. She has an interview.

Neither position was advertised because the need came up quickly.

Easier to just meet with referrals than to open the gates to the public.

No one has time; most have a sense of urgency.

Make it easy for people to do business with you.

Referrals do that.

This is a profound comment with lots of wisdom… I know some people think I’m a nut for proposing you don’t apply to jobs online, and I know it’s uncomfortable, but I’m telling you, some hard things may be very, very effective!

If you don’t believe me, study Rita’s comment, above!

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