JibberJobber User Training on Wednesday Morning – Join Us!

Hey, it’s time to jump on a user training on Wednesday morning.

There are a bunch of changes we’ve incorporated into JibberJobber.  If you haven’t been on a webinar for a while, come.  If you have questions, come.

I love answering questions on these webinars. I get asked about security, backups, imports, when is LinkedIn going to acquire JibberJobber, and a host of how-to’s.  It’s a fun time.

If you come 10 minutes early, and I’m there, I open it up to ANY questions… ANYTHING.  If it’s about JibberJobber, I wait until the webinar starts… but for that 10 minutes you can ask me about anything.  Come and ask… 🙂

If you are a career coach, career counselor, or resume writer, please come (and ask me what deals I have for you and your clients).

You can sign up for Wednesday’s webinar here.

You can see the list of JibberJobber webinars scheduled for the year here.

You can see the latest recording of the JibberJobber webinar here.