Finally: JibberJobber #1 in a “Must Read Blogs for Job Seekers” list :)

This blog has been listed in a number of “must reads” for job seekers.  Finally we are listed at #1 🙂

I like being #1 because, well, my last name is Alba, and I’m used to it!  It’s no fun being less than #1!

Honestly, though… after six years, it’s nice to be the #1 position – thanks Spark Hire!

Click here to see the entire list.

4 thoughts on “Finally: JibberJobber #1 in a “Must Read Blogs for Job Seekers” list :)”

  1. Jason, You are absolutely, positively deserving of this. You work really hard and help a LOT of people, many of whom you will never meet or know about. Huge congrats!!!!! -Jeff

  2. Thanks you guys… it’s really not a huge accomplishment, since making #1 (or even being on any lists) is not my goal… but it sure is nice to get some recognition 🙂

  3. Congratulations, Jason. The distinction is well deserved, and though being “Number 1” may not have been your goal, it’s a nice byproduct of the genuine commitment you’ve shown toward helping others. This proves the point once again that good things happen to those who work hard, work smart, and serve others.

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