#1 Most Effective Way To Get A Job? Cold Calling?

I kind of disregard the stats about how people find jobs.  I think the survey is too old, and too general.  It all boils down to networking anyway, no matter how you look at the stats.  I tend to say anywhere from 60 – 95% of jobs are found through networking … with a number of variables (like, the type of job, industry, etc.).

I think informational interviews are the bomb.  THE BOMB.  Most people bomb them, though, because they don’t know what they are doing.

I also think Micheal Webb developed one of the best systems to find a job I’ve ever heard of.  It’s simple… very simple.  But it is too scary for most people, because it involves picking up the phone and talking to … people! AAAAAH, people!!! Scary!

It’s much more comfortable to just hide from your job search doing things like applying online, and “networking” online, etc.  But folks, if you want to end the unemployment, get good at picking up the phone.

David, one of my favorite JibberJobber users, sent me an  article on Recruiter.com titled Cold Call Your Way to a New Job.  It is short, and brilliant.

The length of the article doesn’t matter.  Getting a book on cold calling won’t necesarily help you, if you aren’t willing to actually pick up the phone and call.  You have to do this.

Here’s a bonus: if you can do it, and get good at it, and comfortable with it, you will be a better professional.  Cold calling, and communication skills, will only help you in your career.  Getting through fear and making the call… getting “no’s” and having successes, will make you stronger, and better.

In Marie Larsen’s article she has four points (with my thoughts):

  1. Reasearch who to call. I use LinkedIn and Google to do this research, and usually find contact information readily available.
  2. Make a script. YES.  Don’t read it word-for-word… practice it until it is second nature.  Keep things short.  Know your objective of the call, and don’t let the conversation stray away from that objective. Sometimes the objective is to simply schedule another call, with more time or more focus.
  3. Know your etiquette. You are not BFFs on the first call.  Respect their time,  respect yourself as a professional.
  4. Release your fear of the unknown. They aren’t going to reach through the phone and punch your teeth out.  It’s okay to talk to people who are too busy to take your call, or brush you off.  Move on, and make the next call.  You’ll get successes, as long as you keep calling.  (If you don’t, have someone critique your approach)

Read the entire article here.  And then pick up the phone and call someone!

2 thoughts on “#1 Most Effective Way To Get A Job? Cold Calling?”

  1. You’ve heard me say this for years JA…the same way the best recruiters find YOU is the best way for YOU to find a job. Yet far too many average recruiters still “post and pray” and scrounge around for the “best” place to post a job!

    If you can’t make a phone call or stick out your hand and introduce yourself to someone, in this hiring environment you’re going to be looking for a long time.

    Let me add some research points:

    With the person’s name, find out about posts they’ve written or commented on; look for conferences at which they’ve spoken. Check out a website call cvgadget.com and play with it…

    As part of every script, offer to share other jobs with you network; recruiters LOVE free press. Ask the recruiter if it would be okay if your friends contact them by email if they believe they’re a for other jobs. Then share it…

    You may NEVER be my best friend but if you ask me for advice, I’ll offer it. But if you ask me for advice and you don’t like it, don’t argue with me. And if you take my advice and it works, let me know; I’m human and actually like helping people.

    Fear is as a result of not being proficient in something especially if it’s related to a job search (or I suppose asking someone out on a date). If you give up after the first call, you’ll NEVER become proficient. Above all, be open with people you reach – ask them to critique your call style even if it’s great – and listen to them.

    Job search is a contact sport where the contact has to be made in a human manner – and that means (a) calling people and (b) meeting them.

    Anything else is a half-assed effort…

  2. Great article and comments Steve.

    I totally agree with a script and offering something in return – that does work.

    Too many people treat the “cold call” as a sales call rather than a fact finding mission. There are a few things to remember:
    -hiring managers are really busy people and you have just called to interrupt them.
    -use their first name only to create a familiarity and use your first and last name so they have something to remember when they search for your information.
    -Be quite! Yep, it might take them 10 – 20 – 30 seconds to find your information and your job is to be quiet and let them concentrate. You probably think this is “prime time” to sell – it’s not. if you were busy looking for something and someone started talking in your ear how would you feel?
    -let them lead the conversation, they will know what they are looking for and will be happy to tell you.

    I am a professional recruiter too and couldn’t agree with Steve more. if you like what we offer and it works, let us know. If you don’t agree, politely thank us for out time and move along. After all, we might end up having the job of your dreams and we will remember if you were naughty or nice.

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