Happy Birthday JibberJobber! 6 Years Old!

Today we celebrate our six year birthday/anniversary.

The last six years have been a roller-coaster ride… it has been extremely fast, with highs and lows (although none of the lows were like the lows in my job search).

When I realized the idea for this online job search organizer I got a second chance at a career.  I was depressed, my job search was going nowhere, I was losing hope, and didn’t see any end in sight.

Then, this idea came, I pursued it, and we launched JibberJobber.com on May 15, 2006.  It was going to be a side project while I pursued my hunt for my dream job.

The hunt failed, though.  Here’s a list of some things we’ve done in the last six years:

  • Continued to focus on the product for the user for the last 6+ years.  We’ve always had a long list of things to do and improve, and we’ve never let up on it.  I’m asked if we continue to work on JibberJobber (do we keep it current?) and the answers is YES, absolutely!  I see no end in sight!
  • I’ve authored two books that have been published. I have a third that is ready for the editor, but I’m hammering out the next one and am really excited about it. I just wish I would have done it 18 months ago.
  • I’ve spoken across the U.S., from Silicon Valley to Baltimore, from Orlando to Seattle, from small gatherings in Albuquerque to large gatherings in Boston. I’ve spoken at universities for orientation and associations about career management.  I’ve spoken on webinars, teleseminars, radio shows, and even been filmed for the news.
  • I’ve written almost every business day on this blog, and a regularly written on my LinkedIn blog and my Jason Alba blog.
  • I’ve created the third edition of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD, which has been a huge project, and an awesome training resource for people who want to learn how to use LinkedIn in a job search, as well as for their own business.
  • I’ve developed strong relationships with outplacement firms, university career centers and coaches and resume writers who use and recommend JibberJobber and my training materials regularly.

And much, much more.

It’s been an awesome ride. I feel blessed to be able to do what I do. Thank YOU for helping me, for supporting this mission, and for telling friends and family and job club colleagues about JibberJobber.

Here’s to another awesome six years!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday JibberJobber! 6 Years Old!”

  1. Jason,


    As you know, I recommend your materials in my workshops and to private clients. Just last Saturday, I showed a bit of your DVD to a group of college alums in career transition and recommended your materials. What I like most about your posts is that they are “real” and when I can say to workshop attendees and private clients that you had a difficult job search with all of the ups and downs, surprises and disappointments, they are able to understand that it’s all a part of the process.

    Here’s to your next 6 years!!!

  2. Jason,
    Congratulations!! As I approach my first anniversary next month, I have to reflect back on how much I have accomplished. This is something I am pushing all of my clients to do. Every six months to a year reflect back and are you where you want to be.
    What have you accomplished in that time period?
    What do you want to do next?

    Jason you have come a long way and I wish to congratulate you!

    Marc Miller

  3. Thanks to each of you! It’s cool to have a community of supporters. I work remotely from my team so I don’t go into an office every day and see faces and hear successes like I used to, but my blog has allowed me to somewhat create that, and each of you have had a significant impact on what I do today 🙂

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