LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD, Third Edition!

Making the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD is really easy!

Okay, actually it’s NOT easy at all.

There is a lot involved in getting a DVD that you can put into your DVD player and watch.

After many, many hours of planning, preparation, recording, editing and technical stuff, I finally burned an “image” of the DVD from my video team.  I’m testing in a few more devices, and then will send it to the “replication” company, which will burn and shrink wrap about 1,000 copies.

I hope to start shipping this DVD by mid-June.  Here’s what’s on the DVD:

  1. Introduction to LinkedIn for Job Seekers
  2. Home Page
  3. Profile: Above the Fold (Part I)
  4. Profile: Above the Fold (Part II)
  5. Profile: Summary
  6. Profile: Below the Fold
  7. Profile: Applications
  8. Profile: Add a Video
  9. Skills
  10. Companies
  11. Groups
  12. Group Admins: Owning a Group
  13. Jobs
  14. Advanced People Search
  15. Communicating with Others
  16. Inviting People to Connect
  17. Getting Recommendations
  18. Giving Recommendations
  19. Answers: Asking Questions
  20. Answers: Answering Questions
  21. Manage Your Settings
  22. Browse Connections
  23. BONUS: Now, 10 Things to Do
  24. BONUS: 20 Questions
  25. BONUS: Export Contacts
  26. BONUS: Cleaning the Export
  27. BONUS: Importing into JibberJobber

There are 5 completely new tracks here.  Skills, Group Administration (why own a Group), and inviting people to connect are new topics.  I broke Recommendations into two parts. Profile: Above the Fold is now two parts.

Everything has been recorded with the latest interface on LinkedIn, with two or three exceptions.  The clips are all shorter than the last edition, too.  More getting straight to the point, and less frou-frou from me 🙂

Want it?  Order the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD here.