1 Job Search Magic Pill vs. Eat Right and Exercise

I’m always on the lookout for new job search programs that are effective (bonus points if they are easy). People seem to always look for a job search magic pill… something they could easily swallow and then have their problem (being unemployed) go away. Kind of like a pain pill.

does the job search magic pill even exist?

Some job search programs are simple to understand but hard to implement, or sustain over time. I’d argue, on that point, that over time these programs become easier, especially as you see success from your efforts.

As romantic as a job search magic pill seems, I’d like to argue that there is actually a better way (especially since there isn’t really a job search magic pill).

There is no job search magic pill.

As I think about effective job search programs I wonder why people don’t actually do them.

Job seekers will spend tons of time, effort, money, and thinking on other systems, perhaps “better” job search programs, that seem more simple, and promise at least the same results. They are on the lookout for something easier, faster, more effective, better, etc.

As I was thinking about this I thought about about how people are chasing “better” health the same way. They are looking for a pill, something easy, something fast, something that will add mass or burn fat or whatever… hopefully in pill format.

Pills are easy, right? My 6 week job search program, which focuses on your brand and networking (specifically on informational interviews), is not a magic pill. I think the program is magical (otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it). Rather than a job search magic pill, this is more like foundational, principles of a good job search. Just the same as eating right and exercising are foundational, principles of health.

But the health fads that have come out… the magic pills, or the special all-in-one exercise equipment, or even the special form-fitting leggings, are multi-billion dollar ideas. People want that easy button… the magic pill.

We (collectively) don’t want to do things that are fundamental principles of success.  They are too hard.  We want the ab machine from the commercial.  Or we want the pill, or the spoonful of whatever.

We want the shortcut.

How does that shortcut work out?

That’s right.

So go for the solid program, not the fad diet.

I’m not saying my Job Search Program is the only solid program – I have partners and colleagues that have solid programs.  They are out there.

But I’m telling you, if you are looking for the short cut, you might see quick results that tend to fade quickly.

2 thoughts on “1 Job Search Magic Pill vs. Eat Right and Exercise”

  1. So true, Jason. While I have no experience with Michael Webb’s program, I do have experience training for marathons. You can find training plans that will get you to the start line – but you will have a painful recovery. (assuming you finish) Or you can do it the right way, run a lot more miles, be more prepared and have a much less painful recovery. (It hurts for everyone to some degree-whether you run up to 100 or more miles a week or peak at 35-40 miles a week.)

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