Seth Godin: New Recession, New Opportunities

Read this post form Seth Godin: The forever recession (and the coming revolution)

In a nutshell, Seth describes a new recession that is here to stay, brought on by how the internet has changed business.

This recession is a problem.

From problems come opportunities.

The opportunities might be yours.

Here’s how he ends his post (read the whole thing):

This revolution is at least as big as the last one, and the last one changed everything.

The last one changed everything, created new businesses, created new wealth, and created new millionaires.

This one will do the same thing.

Maybe… just maybe, you should think about how you can get a piece of the pie.

Or, I guess you can continue to look for that old, traditional job with benefits that you used to have, at a company that was loyal to employees, and valued your long-term loyalty.

The choice is yours.

2 thoughts on “Seth Godin: New Recession, New Opportunities”

  1. Seth Godin nailed it on the head the way of looking at things in the future is definitely going to be different that what we are used to. He certainly has a intuitive perspective on how things are now and how they probably are going to be.

  2. The landscape of future of work and industry is definitely promising to look very different. It definitely will become a race only for those who are willing to change, learn more and stay agile.

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