Eight Lunches, Second Draft, DONE!

I’ve been quiet more than usual on this blog for a few reasons:

  • Going on a 30 day road trip, including speaking and to a conference, with my family, left me little/no time to write.
  • I’ve been ramping up on the product and sales of a new product for university career centers, which has been very exciting.
  • I’ve been training my dad as he’s been learning about JibberJobber, the new university career center system, and everything else that has to do with my work world.

I have a number of other things going on, but one that I’m so excited to share is that I FINALLY got the second edition of Eight Lunches, my third book, DONE!


On my Jason Alba blog I announced this project back in May of 2010, and asked if anyone wanted to critique the first draft. I thought I’d get like … well, no one.  But 100 comments later, I found myself sending the book out to lots of amazing people.

And then I started getting feedback.  And it was literally overwhelming.

The feedback was great, ranging from spelling/grammar to concept/flow.  Getting that much feedback from that many people overwhelmed me to the point where I didn’t even know how to consume all the feedback, much less act on it.

So it stalled, and I went on to other things. 🙁

But this was always somewhere near the top of my mind, and I was anxious to get it done.

The timing finally happened, and here we are, with the second edition done.

I will crowdsource feedback again (I just made that decision this very second), but will only ask for a paragraph or two of thoughts… preferably critical/negative, which will help me tighten it up more.

If you want a copy of this second draft, please leave a comment on this post.

I’m excited to get this far… I now feel freed up to work on my fourth, and I think most exciting book… more on that later!

7 thoughts on “Eight Lunches, Second Draft, DONE!”

  1. Crowd sourcing feedback early is a fascinating approach. As an executive career coach, I’m often surprised at the responses I get to my written material. It becomes much better in the process. Thanks for being a great model.

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