Favorite Friday: Cleaning Garbage Cans for $400/day

A couple of years ago I was inspired by a blog post from Jeremy Hanks, CEO of Doba.com, where he talked about a guy who knocked on his door asking if he could clean out his garbage can for $10 (or, both cans for $15).

Here’s the post I wrote after I read Jeremy’s post: Jeremy Hanks Pays To Get His Garbage Can Cleaned

It’s a nasty job, but homeowners aren’t really proud of the stench that accumulates over the years.

Jeremy was intrigued and paid the guy, and wrote about it.

I was intrigued, and inspired, and eventually figured out this would result in my fourth book (not sure what it will be titled yet, but it’s something like “101 Alternatives for Job Seekers: 101 ways to create alternative revenue streams while looking for a job”).

Since then I’ve found dozens of other real-life examples, and am compiling them for the book.

The idea, I think, all started from this ambitious garbage can man!