Email to Log Entry Just Got BETTER!!

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I had an idea a few months ago regarding my #1 favorite feature in JibberJobber, which is the ability to create a Log Entry just by sending an email to the server.  We’re still working on other enhancements, but we I just saw one released yesterday that thrilled me!

If you don’t know what the Email to Log Entry (aka: Email2Log) feature is, read this post, and watch the 10 minute video (here at the same link).

Okay, now that we are on the same page, here’s the problem.

Let’s say that I email you, and that goes into the Log Entry I have for your contact record.

You email me back, and I reply, you reply, I reply, you reply… before we know it, there are 15 different replies in this thread.

Some of those might have become Log Entries, if I did the Email2Log feature… so your record has numerous Log Entries with parts of the conversation.

It can be too much, and there will be a lot of duplicated data.  Not fun to sift through.

Here’s the solution:

You can now add a special string (or, series of characters) that tells the server to not record anything after the string.  You should make a unique, weird string that someone won’t type in on their own… here’s what I did:

Set it up under My Account, Email Address tab:

This is a NEW field… I just saw it yesterday 🙂

Notice my string is a series of ~! … yours can be whatever you want, but make it UNIQUE (something that others might not create on their own… like xoxoxo).

Next, I went into my email and sent an email to myself to test it:

  1. The FROM email has to match a From Email in the setup page (click image to get to setup page).
  2. The TO email has to match an email for one of your JibberJobber Contacts.
  3. This is the special ultra-secretive email address that you set up on the setup page)
  4. This is my special string… I will create one that most people won’t even notice/see.  This isn’t my final “Log End Line.”

Notice I want everything up to “this should go:” in the log entry, but nothing after that… does it work?

Let’s jump over to the Log Entry to test it:

YES!  Victory!

  1. this is the email’s subject line, which is the Log Entry subject line,
  2. This is the text BEFORE the special string… nothing after the string shows up 🙂

It’s really a simple thing, but it will help keep your Log Entries much cleaner!

Remember, this is a premium feature… just happens to be my favorite feature.  If you are considering an upgrade, check the specials/bundles here.

4 thoughts on “Email to Log Entry Just Got BETTER!!”

  1. If I have to put this sequence in the email, how do I keep other people from seeing it in the message?

    BTW, this sounds like what I had asked for a while back – great work!

  2. Sorry to not get back to you until now Norman.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to hide it from the recipient of your email, UNLESS you do it in a white font so it seems invisible. I haven’t tested that but I’m guessing it would work… otherwise, I’ve made mine look like some random line separator…

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