The Smell of Blood in your Job Search

One of my most favorite posts/ideas is from a few years ago, when I was talking to an HR friend, who basically told me I was too whiny, and acting in a way that would repel HR.

At first I didn’t like what I heard from my friend, but then I realized I needed to hear it, and change some things.

You can see the original post here: I smell blood! I liked it so much it because one of the first Favorite Friday posts I did, here.

Last night I got a Google Alert pointing to a post by Jennifer Bulman, at The Portable You, titled Please Don’t “Apply Anyway”

This is a brilliant post with a key story that YOU need to read.  Go read it. Here’s one of my favorite parts (but you have to read the story to get this better):

In his recent post I Smell Blood, career expert Jason Alba spoke to the importance of not letting anyone we talk with during our job search “smell blood.” Without discounting the wound of unemployment, Alba advises “Do what you can or need to do to not be hurt…”An important way to avoid re-opening the wound is to avoid scenarios where you *will* be rejected. That is why I suggest you not apply to be second violin in the National Arts Center orchestra (unless, of course, you are an experienced violinist).

I love what she wrote (I bolded it).  DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN THE POSITION OF FAILURE … Yes, take risks, but realize that if you aren’t qualified for certain things (especially federal jobs) you’ll fail, and then you might smell all bloody and repel not just HR but everyone around you!

Thanks , Jennifer, for the additional thought 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Smell of Blood in your Job Search”

  1. Great thoughts, Jason. I think after a while it is very easy to drop into that mode if you are not careful. I think the description of “blood in the water” is a perfect.

  2. Thx Jason!

    There really is no need to be “NEEDY” or “bleeding”! When we stand tall on the value we are we are “NEEDED” as the “lifeblood” of our next worthy cause!

    Aren’t we just developing our distinct destinies as we grow into the next life cycle of our careers and lives!

    Teach Jim

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