Interview Secret From The Apprentice (Dec 2010)

I just watched the finale of The Apprentice, one of my guilty pleasures. I LOVE to learn everyone on the show about business, hustle, creativity, teamwork, etc.

This season I was surprised that the person I thought would become the next Apprentice actually lost.

I like Brandy, but I thought Clint was a strongbrandi_the_apprenticeer leader.

Anyway, Brandy did something that was consistent with her brand and personality.  In her final words, before the decision was revealed, Brandy said something that blew me away.  When I was listening I thought “no way The Donald is going to stand for that insubordination!”

In minute 38 minute she said the following lines (I am leaving some of it out):

“I could maybe teach you something along the way…

“I would love the chance to work along .. the next generation of the Trump brand…

“You are an amazing individual… but maybe it’s time to learn from somebody that is more the next generation of the Trump name…”

Whoa! Trump’s ego is perceived to be bigger than his brand (and that is Texas Big!)… I thought it was really, really gutsy of Brandy to even go there!

It wasn’t SAFE (whereas Clint stayed with SAFE, talking about all of the certifications and degrees and credentials he has accumulated).

But guess what – Donald Trump isn’t about safe, or suckups, he’s about the person who will say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.

Not that Clint wouldn’t do it, but Brandy proved it in her last few seconds… It was gutsy, and it was the right decision.

Maybe if it was someone other than Donald Trump it wouldn’t have been the right decision, but it was for her.  Whether she gauged that, and risked it on a guess, or she was just being true to herself, she said it.

And she won.

Are you gutsy enough to do what needs to be done, and say what needs to be said?  Or do you just try to fit into the role and not rock the boat?

3 thoughts on “Interview Secret From The Apprentice (Dec 2010)”

  1. You’re right! It was a gutsy call that speaks more about Trump’s priorities. And maybe more hiring managers should be more like that: secure in their own abilities and positions, willing to hire anyone who brings something unique to the table and can make the *team* improve its overall performance.

  2. I don’t even watch TV, but this is a fantastic insight. Though being diplomatic is a part of interacting at any company, if you completely change yourself to fit, you and your boss will not be happy with each other in the long run.

    So, as a latecomer to the party, I say, “Go Brandy!”

    And “Go Jason!” for turning a guilty pleasure into meaningful dialog 🙂

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